Connected Magazine

Connected Magazine is spreading and reaching out to new places. 

To see our work on the same shelfs that we used to seek inspiration from is such an honor. We feel very proud and humbled that we have managed to get this far with something that only started out as a graduation project and we hope that it leads to more exciting things in the future.

You can now go and get your copy of Connected Magazine at:

1. Connected Magazine Webshop
2. Papercut at Krukmakargatan 24
3. Konst-ig at Åsögatan 124
4. Lotta Agaton Shop at Rådmansgatan 7


Pontus Samuel

Connected is a fashion magazine. But with a twist on the industry. The content includes stories and photographs that tries to understand and question clothes. We want to reach for the core of apparel and what it really means to get dressed. We hope you will enjoy every page that we have created and explored. 

Get your copy right here or at Papercut on Krukmakargatan 24-26, Stockholm. 


Pontus Samuel

The creation and concept of Connected Magazine started with the love for design and clothes. And as we explored the world of fashion we wanted to find a good philosophy that we can stand behind. One of the brands that inspired us was COS. Their thoughts and concept is something that we love and strive towards. 

"Always exploring our original concept of favouring style over fashion, COS appreciates timeless design that lives beyond the season. Merging traditional methods with new techniques and innovative fabrics, we work hard to create fashion pieces that look and feel at once classic and modern. We hope you enjoy the attention to detail shown in every garment and the wide breadth of inspiration that defines our collections." -

COS likes functional design crafted from simple ideas.