In issue one we have divided our content into 4 sections. Each part has a subject that we have filled with beautiful photography, a grey color palette and in-depth stories. We highlight both contemporary and historical events, forms and expressions. The concept of yin and yang is a theme throughout the content, including the covers. The symbol of interaction between two opposites is a relationship we wanted to discover. 

We handpicked our paper with great care and responsibility. It has ha matte sense which gives it a nice texture. Before the content starts we added transparent paper that surrounds the magazine from beginning to end, which gives you the feeling of gift wrapping every time you open the magazine.



2 Covers with the same content. 
Please tell us what cover you prefer when ordering it on paypal

116 Pages, offset-printed and perfectly bound. Our printers are located in Stockholm and has satisfied our needs and demands with great quality and result.  


120 kr  |  13 euro
We ship worldwide.